Erra – Warrior: A Video Breakdown


Wicky wicky erra erra

I have to be honest: When I initially picked this video to breakdown, I thought Erra was that black metal band on Victory Records. Sadly, that’s Erimha. You can see where I might’ve made that mistake. Instead of getting a corpsepainted band with the possibility of having the world’s worst label tour, we get Erra, a Sumerian Records chuggity chuggity gurr rurr chuggity chug band. There’s not enough bounces in a bounce house to make up for this mistake. Pull up your mosh shorts, gauge your ears with no forethought, and get a tattoo on your throat: it’s video breakdown time.

0:06: Crap…crap…crappy start to the soooonngggg

0:11: I expect to hear HAL 9000’s voice any second now.

0:18: The editing budget for this video must be through the roof.

0:23: That might explain why the set is just a bunch of twigs left over from the Heidevolk video.

0:31: Hey, it’s Mr. Clean.

0:36: And he’s super serious about getting out those greasy food stains.

0:43: Hopefully he can get all the sap from those branches off the floor.

0:52: Someone give the cameraman some Adderall.

0:57: I don’t think we’ve had a steady, focused shot yet.

1:04: Hopefully no one caught their mosh shorts on any stray branches.

1:09: Can’t be moshing if you’ve got splinters, brah. Gunna have a bad time.

1:14: Director: Okay, when you do vocals, just kind of hunch over and grimace like you’ve got to take a dump, but all you’ve been eating for the past week is dollar store mac and cheese and canned stuffing.

1:19: Now look like you’re trying to squeeze out a peach pit.

1:28: There’s a disturbing lack of people bouncing in place in this video.

1:33: I guess that’s bouncing. It’s so hard to tell.

1:45: All this wood is a Freudian diagnosis waiting to happen.

1:56: It just feels wrong that Mr. Clean isn’t doing the clean vocals.

2:02: I got it! The guitarist should grow a mustache and wear flannel.

2:04: That way they have Mr. Clean and the Brawny Man!

2:09: Getting a little bit of a Jared Leto vibe with those vocals. Minus the Pantene-approved hair of course.

2:16: This video could use a few star wipe edits.

2:24: Was this filmed inside a shipping container?

2:31: Was a warehouse not available?

2:40: Come on, do something with all of those branches!

2:46: Hit each other!

2:53: Start a fire!

2:59: Make a boat!

3:10: Anything!

3:22: Oh good. Two of him.

3:37: I’d like to believe this was done by a video editor on his last day and he just kept hitting buttons until it was time to go home.

3:48: Soooo what is the concept of this video?

3:53: “Break the walls.” My god, they’re stuck in that container and need our help!

4:02: Use those branches to pry open the doors, dude!

4:10: You have a song called “Warrior” and not one picture of the Ultimate Warrior. For shame. In fact, there was nothing in this video even close to representing warriors or fighting. You would’ve been better off having a Ken doll getting smacked around by one of those old Hulk Hogan rubber action figures.

As far as Sumericancore bands go, that was tolerable, but not I’m more interested in those branches. Did they use them to roast marshmallows afterwards? Did they make s’mores? Were they delicious? These types of videos really make you think.

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