Circling the Bowl (3/11/23)


As highly esteemed music journalists at this prestigious Toilet ov Hell, we hear a lot of new music day to day. But what are we actually listening to? “Circling the Bowl” is a weekly series where we get to share the jams we’ve been truly been jamming, and we invite you all to share as well.

Hans – I came across the Into the Combine podcast and listened to their discography run of Immortal, so I hopped in once again myself. With much restraint, I managed to only order two new Immortal patches.

  • Blizzard Beasts – production issues aside, it’s waaaay better than I initially gave it credit for.
  • Battles in the North – realized for the first time that its weird issues (sloppy drumming, songs cutting off) basically disappear from track 5 onward.
  • At the Heart of Winter – may not be my absolute favorite anymore.
  • All Shall Fall – still unequivocally mid.

Rolderathis – My musical thawing continues—I managed to listen to an hour+ blackened death metal album from this year, so it’s official. Otherwise, I’ve been listening to oldies and tentatively dipping my talons into a few tracks here and there from ’23 TTT posts. Oh, and imbibing a stream of bangers through our Discord’s Tunes ‘N Tell submissions per ush.

Joaquin Stick – I wasn’t quite hitting an album per day for the first two months of the year, but starting out strong with 16 in March so far. Here are a few from this week:

  • Periphery V: Djent is Not A Genre (A few tolerable tracks but a lot of stinkers)
  • Gorod The Orb (Rips)
  • EntheosTime Will Take Us All (Was never really sold on this band but kinda love this one)

Megachiles – Bout to crack the top ten snowiest winters around my neck of the woods. lfg!!!

  • CynicFocus: Comfort album time. Give me that tooty fretless bass vocoder alien death metal all day.
  • BAAZLVAATIncredible World: Let the kvlt MS paint Liger and rockets guide you on a technicolor black metal journey with weirdo guitars n’ synths, janky drum production, and goofy wonder.
  • MithrandirTowards the Spire of Dol Guldur: Sorry babe not tonight, me and the boys are adjourning the entmoot to go topple Orthanc.”
  • PúcaDemo: I will listen to your demo if it has a nice bear on it. Simple as.
  • Doppelsöldner The Trophy Bohemia: This was a required purchase because a) I loved Fugitive Wizard’s last LP, and b) I borrowed liberally from the Doppelsöldner and Landscknecht for my DnD characters because those words sound rad as hell.

Spear – Jammed with a buddy last night, which means we listened to a whole lot of death metal from our high school days, and I am waking up with a mad hangover this morning. I might not be able to go as hard as I could a decade ago, but I’m still ready and able to make bad decisions and hurt myself having a good time.

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