Crib45 Wants YOU to Open their European Tour!


Crib45 will bring their brand of atmospheric sludge to Europe this January and February. 

Let me paint a picture: Cult of Luna with slightly less sludge, replaced with the mellower sounds of Neurosis, yet not lacking in aggression. Now admire the beauty. I stumbled upon Crib45 by accident. I was going to see KYPCK‘s album-release show and C45 just happened to open. It was love at first sight. They played long, drawn out songs with little to no tempo changes. Crushing walls of sound penetrated by an occasional note of melancholy or haunting saxophone, and well composed, three-pronged vocal attack guaranteed them a permanent place in my heart. Hear for yourself, go give them your money at Bandcamp, and like them on Facebook. May “Waiting For Deliverance” and “Into The Abyss” be your go-to songs for the day.

Crib45 is an awesome live band; utilizing lights, background videos, televisions and projectors on any surface they can, and it all makes for a hell of a show. They also utilize an additional percussionist for an actual purpose, unlike some other bands. Though the band started out playing acoustic grunge, those days are long gone by their 2009 debut album and EP (which are very much worth checking out too).

The reason I’m bringing this all up is because Crib45 is headlining a tour through Europe. Now I know some of you live in Europe and actually in some of these countries and the rest of you are going to Blastfest in Bergen, Norway anyway so it’s all good. Here are the dates:

Jan 30.2015 Tallinn (EE), Red Emperor

Jan 31.2015 Valga (EE), Rockiklubi

Feb 02.2015 Riga (LT), Depo

Feb 03.2015 Kaunas (LI), Underground Pub

Feb 04.2015 Warsaw (PO), Wypieki Kultury

Feb 06.2015 Metz (FR), La Chaouée

Feb 08.2015 London (UK), The Black Heart

Feb 09.2015 Newcastle (UK), Northumberland Arms

Feb 11.2015 Amsterdam (NL), The Cave

Feb 13.2015 Berlin (DE), Blacklands

Feb 14.2015 Ceski Budojevice (CZ), Velbloud

Feb 21.2015 Bergen (NO), Blastfest 2015

Except that the Warsaw show is in danger as the venue is getting evicted. We’ll see how that develops, but in the meantime: YOU CAN BE THE OPENER! All opening acts will be handpicked by the band themselves and most slots are still open!

Contact by email: contact (at)
Please add headline “Opener” and city where you want to join as opener.
What are you waiting for? Get on with it!

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