Deviloof – 拷訊惨獄: A Video Breakdown


The devil is in the oof-tails

Deviloof’s music video randomly popped up in my Youtube feed which is a nice change of pace.  Usually Youtube consistently tries to get me to watch Joe Rogan or “Shortdick Von Fuckhead Totally DESTROYS Feminist Libtard” videos. I’m never going to watch them, Youtube. Stop it. Give me all the Deviloof instead. So who is Deviloof? Well, let’s take a look at trusty ol’ Metal-Archives. They’re the one-stop shop for band information. They’ve never let me do…

Damn it. Next, you’ll probably tell me Between The Buried And Me aren’t a metal band either. Jerks. Now I have to go to, VisualKei.Fandom.Com for band information. Thanks a lot, Metal-Archives. There’s no going back from this.

Deviloof are a visual kei deathcore band from Osaka. So they like to dress up and sound brutal. That’s fair, but where does the name come from? Is it what you call a Satan/Devildriver/Beezlebong tour? Vocalist Keisuke explains:

“‘Deviloof’ is a word created by us, Deviloof means an omittance of devil’s proof. We chose this as it leads to the thought of a phenomenon where there is no proof that Satan showed to Christ. It leads to a very mysterious feel, something beyond what is easy to understand.”



Well…um…here’s their music video!



*Nic Cage voice* What’s in the bag? A shark or something?


The super acid from Mandy has finally hit Japan.


Move over, The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones. We now have Black Veil Brides Meet Evil Dead.


If you think that’s a scary look you should go to a pharmacy in the middle of a weekday.


I will buy all of their albums if a group of people wearing panda kigurumis start throwing down.


‘Deviloof’ is also what you get when you eat at KFC.


HGTV is getting real dark.


And that’s how hot dogs are made.


Between the open flames, flowing clothes, and hair product, we’re a slight breeze away from Deviloof becoming Devilohfuckohfuckohfuck.


Deviloof’s album 鬼 is out on May 22nd.


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