Mirgetah – The Summoning: A Video Breakdown


The internet is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die.

Normally with these video breakdowns, I like to do a little research and provide you, dear readers, with some helpful background information. You know, the usual who, what, where, when type of information. It’s always good to have a basic knowledge about what we’re about to get into. Not this week. It’s not because I don’t want to help you out. It’s because I don’t want to know any information.

In my random wanderings across Youtube, I came across today’s video from Mirgetah for their song “The Summoning”. I literally know nothing about Mirgetah. I don’t know if it’s a full band or just one guy. I don’t know where Mirgetah is from, how long they have been putting out music, or how you even pronounce the band’s name. It’s better this way. No need to cloud our minds with useless things like facts. Not when something so beautiful, so pure is right in front of us. Like an incredible sunset, let’s all just sit back and watch in awe.

0:04: Wow! It’s like I’m really in Mordor!
0:09: H…hey, buddy? Camera’s this way.
0:12: “I once saw boobies that were THIS BIG.”
0:18: It’s morphin’ time!
0:25: At The Mountains Of Meh-ness.
0:28: *cough cough cough*
0:32: That mask comes free with purchase of 3 anime DVDs and 1 case of Mountain Dew: Livewire.
0:37: I hope he’s wearing one of those light-up technomancer robes.
0:42: GASP! He disappeared like all the girls in his life!
0:51: M’doomed lady.
0:53: Appropriate reaction.
0:58: It must be really difficult for him to safely go to the bathroom.
1:06: Special page in the yearbook, here she comes.
1:11: Looks like we found Baylor University’s football recruitment video.
1:19: Welcome to the Sunken Place.
1:27: Oh, so that’s how box wine is made.
1:34: Still better than drinking Clamato.
1:42: Alcohol: Helping you deal with nerds for over 7,000 years.
1:48: “Mmmmm, that’s some good Giggle Juice!”
1:53: Well that escalated quickly.
2:01: Man, I don’t get this new Michael Bay movie.
2:10: “Presto change-o! You are now attracted to me!”
2:19: Wearing a mask was the only smart decision in this video.
2:30: Um…video? There’s still some song left. Where’d you go?
2:34: You know it’s bad when the video just cuts out with time still left.

I don’t know the name of the album this appears or where to buy it, but lucky for you, there’s a new Mirgetah music video.

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