Ævangelist are Going on a Fathom Excursion


If ever there was a modern band that you’d expect H.P. Lovecraft to fanboy out to at a show, it would definitely have to be Ævangelist. These bedfellows of bleakness specialize in creating lithe soundscapes, twisting and contorting at a moment’s notice all for the sake of discomfort. Lovecraft would definitely own 6 or 7 shirts. Good news for you and Howard’s ghost: Ævangelist stealthily posted an unreleased demo over the weekend.

The demo, titled Fæthm Excursus (or The Fathom Excursion if Latin is too hard), is 27 minutes of pretty much everything you would expect out of an Ævangelist release. There is a ton of dissonance, some meaty riffs and angular guitars, as well as the controlled form of chaos that they’re so good at producing. Interestingly, the band says that the demo is “mostly improvised with live percussion.” I know nothing of Ævangelist’s songwriting process so perhaps that isn’t anything crazy or new, but it still strikes me as amazing that the band can create such an expansive piece largely through improvisation (in metal, anyway).

One more note of interest: A quick google search of Fæthm Excursus brings up a few scattered mentions that their third album was supposed to be titled Fæthm Excursus. I’m curious what could have happened between then and the release of their ACTUAL third album, Writhes in the Murk, last year that possibly shelved this. Regardless, we have it now and if you’re a fan of weird and challenging music it is definitely worth the click of your mouse.

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