Flush it Friday: A Checklist for Success


It’s Friday afternoon. Gather ’round and air your grievances here.

We’re almost done with January. How are your new year’s resolutions coming along? You’ve given up on all of them already? Cool, me too. We were all just a little too optimistic about how 2018 would go anyway. But it’s not too late to make small tweaks to your lifestyle that will have a big net impact as the year goes by. Here are some quick, easy things you can do to make the most of 2k18:

1. Drink more water. You’re dehydrated as fuck and it’s making you feel bad. Hydrate more by drinking a big glass of water when you wake up, replace sugary sodas with seltzer, and carry a reusable water bottle with you to work.

2. Stretch your muscles. Prevent aches and pains by laying out in front of the TV and going through some basic stretches. Try to be mindful of your posture throughout the day too. Your body will thank you when you’re not an old man with a C-shaped spine.

3. Rate, review, and subscribe to Toilet Radio. You deserve the finest in metal-related podcasting. Subscribe to the show to get new episodes sent directly to your phone so you can blissfully ignore traffic with the sweet sounds of interviews, news, jokes, and deep dives into the history of heavy metal with your favorite podcast boys. Rate and review the show so that we can climb the podcast charts and take a fat dump on grifter podcasters like Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk. Don’t just do it for us. Do it for you.

The floor is yours. Thank you for your continued support of this Toilet-themed blogspot. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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