Flush It Friday: Contaminated Edition


Drop a grunt on this week and flush it all away with us.

As this is my third post of the day, I’m gonna keep it brief. It’s also been a while since I’ve done one of these, good thing it’s still as simple as stating what’s –


One year ago my wife and I became parents, and we are really enjoying being a family.


Last week my car started running like shit, turns out there was a contaminated fuel batch from our local servo that has been fucking up a lot of people’s cars. Not going to name any names, as I wouldn’t want to hurt the poor struggling multinational fossil fuel company responsible, but it’S HELL trying to get some kind of recompense for the car I basically only use to get to work being completely inoperable now.


The riffing on that monstrous Contaminated album that’s finally streaming for y’all to hear now (above) is pretty damn ugly. Imagine Tomb Mold playing Burial Invocation style riffs and then drench that image in liquidised detritus, that’s Contaminated. Australian death metal lives in the gutter these days, just like you. That album has been sitting in my car angry as fuck and has barely gone anywhere the past few weeks. So, just like me. Fitting really.

Now it’s your turn, give us your good, bad, ugly, and most importantly, metal. Here’s your Weekly Wipe, covering a sample selection of the good shit we’ve featured on the site this week.

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