Track Premiere: Remains – “Bloodthirst”


Down under, over the top.

Spikes, medieval weaponry, and murder inspired by Satan. You’ve heard and seen it all before, yet I’d wager you don’t know what you’re in for, as Remains are neither from the frosty regions where such accoutrements and hobbies are de rigueur, nor do they even play black metal.

Instead, they’re from Australia and play deathgrind, or as they put it, “extreme stadium grind with epic blasting assaults and windmilling rockin’ hooks to blow your fucken’ lids clean off.” I’m not gonna argue with such an apt description, but would like to add that these are not just any old epic blasting windmillers—the band features stalwarts of the country’s scene with members from acts like Captain Cleanoff, Blood Duster, and The Kill, amongst others. In other words, they know what they’re doing. See for yourself:

As you should now be able to attest, both the blasting grind and the groovy, even slightly melodic death metal are pulled off with much competence and little mercy. As for the creepy vibes in the video’s intro, those are owed to the subject matter:

“Bloodthirst” is the first single off REMAINS debut album Grind ‘Til Death. The track and video are inspired by an Australian murder that took place in a town called Wollongong in the late ’90s which involved a killer who was found to be into satanism and killed a couple local blokes with extreme violence.

You too can be killed with extreme violence when Grind ‘Til Death drops on July 15th via Spikerot Records and Disdain Records. Pre-order here and here!

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