Flush it Friday: Look At This H*qqin YUGE Insect!


Y’all ever seen a Praying Mantis irl? They’re intrinsically terrifying (as they quickly figured out in the ’50s, making them into B-Movie monsters). I was minding my own business last night when I was accosted by the largest specimen I’ve ever seen, and promptly disturbed my neighbors by taking the time to appreciate nature. Look on my works, Ye buggies, and despair!

Not only did it spook me during the evening, but it promptly returned on my morning walk today, right in the face of the neighborhood sparrows, who it simply couldn’t give two h*qqs about!


And now, I simply must show you a few of the world’s most ornate and dazzling mantis species:

Devil’s Flower Mantis

Orchid Mantis

Spiny Mantis

In fact, one of the only things more beautiful than the twisted forms of these insects is the Toilet ov Hell community and its outstanding writers!

365 Days of Horror broke down of the most befuddling videos in recent memory for Amerakin Overdose:

Amerakin Overdose – Agastopia: A Video Breakdown

Tha Boiz got rill mad about nepotism and how it lets you get away with hideous bootleg merch on Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 390 – Dressing Like a Dickhead

Spear made num-nums out of our dreams with this Sarcator premiere:

Premiere: Sarcator – “Dreameater”

Y’all seen any wild critters recently? Share any pics you’ve got along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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