Riff ov the Week: 12-5-15 — NWOBHM


crazy hat guy having fun playing his electric guitar

You’ll get Schubert when you prove yourselves worthy of him and not one fucking second earlier. Until then, you’ll get crazy hat guy, and you’ll like it.

TOH ROTW:NWOBHM. That’s a long acronym, dude.

I wasn’t expecting very many riffs this week because I don’t see a lot of love for NWOBHM around these parts, but boy oh boy you folks proved me wrong. And they’re mostly pretty good riffs, too. Mostly. Even if you dorks do only know three NWOBHM bands.

Next week:

  • Normal, non-specified riffs. Send them to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the video, the time of the riff, and an explanation.
  • Start thinking of your favorite riff of the year. We’ll be having a Best Riff of 2015 contest in the coming weeks.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, let me know.



I’ll go with a classic for once. Start at the beginning.



Swiggity swooty. At 3:39, Diamond Head is coming for that booty.



Once upon a time Queensryche were good… like REALLY good. Mindcrime is the kind of fruit that hangs too low for a true ROTW sportsman, so I’m going with a gem from Rage For Order. Riff starts at 0:37.


Ted Nü-Djent

You know the riff. But in case you’re a total poser, go to 1.25



The opening riff of track 2 – “Getcha Rocks Off” (2:51) – is 100% undeniably NWOBHM weedly-deedly goodness. Also: Stay for the tune-closing guitar solo (here from 5:47).



I am Óðinn, the God of wisdom, war, art, culture, and the dead. I am the supreme deity and creator of the cosmos. Your false gods are meaningless. They will be destroyed. This is my Riff ov the Week submission, a song about Lemmy’s teeth called Snaggletooth by a band named Motörhead. The riff starts at 0:02. If you don’t vote for a song about Lemmy’s teeth, you are a poser. It is known. Hail Óðinn!



You know why I chose the riff @ 1:07?
Fuck you, that’s why.



A rare Diamond Head song Metallica hasn’t covered, To Heaven From Hell’s outro, beginning at 4:44, showcases the galloping rhythms and sizzling melodies you want in a NWOBHM song…



There are some fruits that hangs lower than others. Motörhead is one them this week. 0:13.



I wanted to get all cool and obscure, but I’m a Power Metal brother at heart, and most NWOBHM helped shape modern Power in many ways. What better example than Saxon? The base riff throughout this anthem is plodding, heavy and righteous. The solo is pretty epic too.



The opening riff is just the right balance of heavy and fast, resulting in a memorable part.



You knew this was coming.



This is NWOBH not made by British. This is Resistencia, my favorite Venezuelan band, the pioneers of the metal way on my country and bringer of many epic riffs to our lands. The main riff is an aggresive piece adorned by the entire band excellent musicianship. To this date, few Venezuelan bands had been to their level. Beware the face-melting solo and the groovy bass lines.


Boss the Ross

When tasked with finding a NWOBHM riff, many riffs and bands came to mind. It was overwhelming. Searching through the underbelly left me exhausted and then it hit me… the one band to fully embrace NWOBHM and keep the spirit and sound alive. SAXON. Yes, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest may be bigger bands with bigger riffs and bigger records sales, but both bands have changed their sounds over the years and strayed from the NWOBHM. Saxon, on the other hand, has waved the banner for pure British Heavy Metal for the span of their nearly 40 year career. Name another band from the NWOBHM that can boast 21 albums(besides Motorhead). Hands down, Saxon IS the NWOBHM, and what better song to represent this band than Denim and Leather. EVERY metalhead can relate to this song. Regardless of age or era, this song and riff brings us all together.


Coal Roll

Riff starts at ~0:33. If you’ve never heard this riff I suggest you visit your local “gentleman’s club” for an introduction.



Speedy NWOBHM. Biff! Riff starts at 0:40. Big brother approved!


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