Flush It Friday: (Not) Down with the Sickness


Everyone here is sick. Everyone. My wife. My boss. My friends. My students. Everyone. Except me. I hope it stays that way for the show this weekend.

What show, you ask? Why the Cavalera Brothers Return to Roots Tour featuring Immolation and Full of Hell, of course. If I’m being honest, I’m mostly just going to see Immolation. Yonkers’s finest are one of the most tragically overlooked but most consistently excellent acts in death metal, and they have been for a long time running. There isn’t a weak record in their discography, so whether their set draws more heavily from Close to a World Below or more current stuff like Kingdom of Conspiracy, it’s sure to be fantastic. Give me a beer and Robert Vigna’s weird, dissonant riffs, and a happy president in a rain poncho I’ll be.

That said, I’m not entirely disinterested in seeing the Cavalera Bros. Despite their propensity for jumpingdafukup and nonsensical lyrics over fat groove, Max and Iggor wrote some killer songs in their time (listen to Arise if you need a refresher). And if we’re being totally honest, Roots itself, which the duo will be performing in full (with help from Marc Rizzo’s sentient backpack and Tony Campos’s shiny head), still has some decent cuts on it. “Spit” still brings the aggro, anyway.

Full of Hell is really the only unknown quantity here for me. I recall enjoying Full of Hell & Merzbow, but aside from that record I’m not terribly familiar with the deathgrinders’ sound. If their set is anywhere close to as heavy as “Gordian Knot,” though, it’s going down.

So, to recap:

Good: First concert in a long time (and not on a weeknight, to boot!)
Bad: The rolling plague sweeping across my city
Ugly: My cracked knuckles from the lack of moisture in our atmosphere. I’m getting real ashy.

You know the drill.

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