Flush it Friday: Eenzy’s Show and Tell


With fear I elbow-bump the burning darkness…

So news-wise this has been a rough week, but there is one small brightspot I’d like to point out: fucking shows are finally back!! A few weeks ago I saw my first post-quarantine live music, and it was both cathartic and nerve-wracking. Delta’s been growing exponentially, bounded only by the asymptote of human stupidity, and possibly queuing us up for quarantine’s shitty sequel. I wasn’t sure if the audience would be masking or if they’d be moshing so hard it didn’t matter. Because I’m an anxious person, every possible bad situation flashed through my head, but me and the friend I went with decided to roll the dice and go anyway, since we could both quarantine after.

The show was the album release for Verloren by large-than-local deathdoomers Withered. Another local band Sadistic Ritual, and sludge Predators Yautja supported. I knew Withered from their previous release but Verloren’s album drop wasn’t on my radar, and Yautja of course had just put out The Lurch.

And despite being so skittish walking in that I ordered a beer before even paying for tickets, something happened that very rarely occurs in the metal community – my good faith was rewarded! About 90% of the audience were wearing masks and the venue was handing them out to people who didn’t have them. People gave each other space in the audience, and while pretty much the whole crowd started arms-crossed, the front row was full-on headbanging by the end – like the kind you wanna see a chiropractor after. During a smoke break, I met a guy who said this was his fourth show already this year — a clearly more intrepid soul than me. And since my friend insisted we drink on her tab, seven beers and three bands later it was over, and the next day, post-hangover, I started looking up the next shows I’d want to go to.

So this Friday, I wanna know what you think your first post-quarantine show will be, or if you’ve already been to it, who played? Were you anxious before the show? Did you feel safe during? And did you have as great (and/or drunken) a time as I did?

And when you’re done feeding me your show ideas, hit me with those G/B/Us as well!

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