Jay Gambit is Down with the C L O W N W A V E


When Jay Gambit isn’t busy creating a million harsh noise records, changing the metal game with his Crowhurst I-III series, and talkin’ with us jamokes, he creates even stranger things. How strange? How about a lo-fi/vaporwave remix of Insane Clown Posse instrumentals? Now we’re talkin’.

It’s no secret that we’re juggalo sympathizers here at the Toilet ov Hell (well, uh, maybe not as much “us” as it is “solely me”). I’ve brought Toileteers with me to be blessed by the healing sugerwaters of Faygo in person. Despite the duo’s lower-tier rhyming capabilities, Insane Clown Posse as a concept and as a live unit are incredibly entertaining. But in any discussion of ICP, we generally ignore the music itself to focus on the spectacle of the wicked clowns or the classist persecution of juggalos.

Well no more. Jay Gambit has isolated a selection of ICP beats and twisted and tortured them into this hellish collection of dark vaporwave, delightfully titled Wicked Lo-Fi Dog Beats 2 Study 2 – Volume 1. In doing so, he’s highlighted the underrated composition of longtime ICP producer Mike E. Clark’s evil beats.

“Chicken Huntin”, in particular, goes absurdly hard and imagines a retro-future in which vaporwave explored haunted slaughterhouses instead of ruined Sega Saturn soundcards. In short, this is something else. Take a listen now.

Image Via 199420 on Tumblr

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