Flush it Friday: THERE ARE NOW 4 BANDS


Rolderathis here with the OOWL Network News at 4—today we’ve got the latest on Jogga Rohansson‘s fresh acquisition of yet another metal band, Kryptïc Krypt. Asked why he must continuously diversify his portfolio by absorbing smaller artists, he had the following to say:

I saw the logo, and I just had to have the band. Sure, I’ll be cleaning house in about a week and instating a Pay-2-Playwall, but the soul of the art will live on through me. I’ll be releasing a limited run of NFTs (“Kryptz”) displaying the Spotify Wrapped results for Kryptïc Krypt’s final year as an independent entity (with 25 randomly generated backgrounds) to celebrate the $5k deal between us. Get your Kryptz today!

Up next: Akdivision-Blizzard Beasts  in talks to acquire Jogga Rohansson. More after these commercials.

Tha Boiz talked smack on Canada during Toilet R-ehh?-dio:


TheoBomb channeled his inner DeVille with this Krvvla review:

Review: Krvvla – X

Sepulcrustacean returned to his station, the documentation of abominations:

Catacomb Ventures – Emergence of Foulest Secrecies

Riff-Raff returns of musical enjoy!

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.55] Somebody Set Us Up Theobomb

IGoM‘s celebration of BC Friday and the Extended Play feature brought tears to my eyes (RIP Morris) and wallet:

100% Support: Bandcamp Friday Meets Extended Play

Show me them BCF haulz (along with the G/B/Us, you sillies!)

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