Flush It Friday: Down Down Down


Quit teasing us.

Cold Cave released a new track today, and I also read the words “…evoked a curious stealthy lust or concupiscence” in an essay from Mary McCarthy that has nothing to do with gothic neo-new wave and everything to do with mid-century American anti-Semitism, but I think lust and concupiscence are perfect words to hold in your head while listening to the new Cold Cave track that is, as is Wes Eisold’s frequent wont, another delightful homage to Sisters of Mercy. It should also be noted that I’m wearing a Type O Negative shirt and thinking about the year in my life in Atlanta that I spent a lot of weekends going to goth clubs and goth nights at weird venues. Why, yes, it is raining outside! The pathetic fallacy never fails.

Listen to the new track and send ol’ Wes and Amy a couple bucks for the pleasure. Maybe they’ll reward us with a new full length this year and/or a tour.

I don’t have shit else to say today, so let’s get to flushin’.

The Monday Stick and This Roldy Tuesday, as always and forever!

Jesus this new track from Critical Defiance as premiered by Joe rules:

Premiere: Critical Defiance – “Helpless World”

Joe n Jordan take on AI art, a horrible summer tour, Jamey Pasta, and more on this week’s ‘sode of Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 485 – Ahhh My Metal Fingies

Reliquary Tower hit the new Soulmass with the patented AMG:

Review: Soulmass – Principality of Mechanical Violence

Hans got the rad trad chads all rocked up with this Dying Victims Productions survey.

Dying Victims: Coltre, Armagh, and Freeways

Pingu had some jazzy goodtimes:

Review: Josh Johnson – Unusual Object

Brock is back for more disso-proval with Leprous Vortex Sun and Convulsing:

DISSOproval Ratings

Steady. That’s a steady week of work for the Bowl. It was Spring Break (for me), but we still got the work done we needed to get done. Read the premieres and reviews and listen to the podcast and support the writers. Then, once you’ve heaped lavish praise upon them all, get in those comments and share those Gee Bee Yous with your fellow Toileteers. Kisses!

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