Flush It Friday: Slime Mold = Best Mold


Sorry Thomas B Moulde, sorry Dog Vomit Mold, but Physarum polycephalum is the pinnacle of protists. Brutal death metal bands are jealous of its binomial nomenclature, it has over 700 sexes and it can solve transportation problems (see the “Situational behavior” section to have your mind blown). Somebody get this thing a job at the MBTA. It’s only a matter of time before slime molds start writing metal reviews, so let’s appreciate the folks we have before they’re out of a job.

Joe got hit harder than the EPA’s credibility by this The Sun Came Up Upon the Left premiere.

Clarity in an existential crisis with The Sun Came Up Upon the Left

365 reminded us all to discard those fuzzy fruits and veggies with his premiere of a new track from Den.

Premiere: Den – Entire Mire

Lord of Bork spread the miasma to all who came into contact with his review of the new Dawn of Disease joint.

Review: Dawn of Disease – Procession of Ghosts

Hans admitted his love for meathead hahdcoah (and there were some other bands featured I guess, I’m too hung up on Enemy Mind to notice though).

A Buncha Hahdcoah

S H I T P O S T I N’
T I M E.

Original photo credit to Zlir’a

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