Flush it Friday: Chad Kroeger is on Metal Archives and You Aren’t


It’s Friday. Let’s celebrate our obscurity.

Metal Archives are a prickly bunch. If you’ve tried to submit your band to the venerated online resource you might have had the experience of getting rejected and then banned from ever submitting again. Feel free to browse their huge list of rejected bands. You’re likely to find a bunch of acts that you probably listen to, like Clutch or Anal Cunt. I guess those fellas just aren’t metal enough. But you know who is? Chad fuckin’ Kroeger. Don’t believe me? Just check out the alpha Chad’s bio in Metal Archives right here. Take that, Genghis Tron. You got less metal cred than the dang Nickelback guy.

Anyway, here are the highlights from this week in Toileting.

The lesser podcast crew put out an entertaining episode that covered new death metal tracks and also Jean Claude Van Damme’s inspiring speech in Street Fighter.

Riff-Raff Podcast Ep. 9: New Year, New Jamz

365 found this incomprehensible thing that rips off the riff from Cult of Personality.

Mudfuck – Comebacc: A Video Breakdown

BW interviewed a rad band that explores equal parts black metal and NWOBHM.

Hammered To Hell: An Interview with Malleus


Cold Steel Dawn – An Emperor’s Return

McNulty revisits a Toilet favorite, Hot Dad.

In Case You Missed It: Now That’s What I Call Hot Dad’s Music

Finally, the main podcast crew tackled the bad stupid thing.

Toilet Radio 162: Whom Will Never Be One of Us

Sort it out in the comments below. Bye everybody.

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