Riff ov the Week: Album Closers


For everyone who’s ever finished off an album and thought to themselves, “Well, I’ll be — that album finished up quite nicely. That was indeed a satisfactory finale.”

Last week was our very first Maiden-specific contest and the best Saturday I’ve had in quite some time. Great picks, all of you.

Also I won.


I must say, it’s always pleasant to forego my Sunday morning ritual of ROTW loss. Usually I stand in front of the mirror and say, “You are a loser and you will lose everything forever.” This time I was able to say, “Really outstanding job.”

I forgot to mention this last week, but the prize for winning was $100 out of Edward’s pocket. Let’s set up a time to meet.

Next week:

  • I think it’s about time for another solo of the week. Does that sound good?
  • Send your solos to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link, the time of the solo, and an explanation for why it’s the best.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, let me know.
  • You’re all handsome.



This oft-overlooked death metal classic brings things to a close with a real hammer of a riff and ends with a perfectly-utilized death-belch from the grimy depths of the old-school. 3:15 to the end. Beat people up.


Formerly Known As Oli Sykes

Nails‘ 2013 masterpiece Abandon All Life is one devastatingly heavy record. In less than 20 minutes it manages to be 1 million times heavier and more brutal than most 45 minute albums are, and no song on the album shows this better than the closer, “Summ Cuique”. Go to 2:20 if you want to headbang till your head separates from your body. DAT FUCKING GUITAR TONE DOE.


Ron Deuce

One band that know how to close out an album is Trap Them. They’ve been closing out their albums in expert fashion with sludgy Sabbath-infused Entombedcore for the past 3 albums. Hard to choose which one is the best, but the first time they did it was with “Mission Convincers” off Seizures In Barren Praise. The opening riff is of the aforementioned variety and the rest of song continues along with a similar pace while it segues through its peaks and valley.


Shrimp in a Pizza Box

Probably the best riff out of the best deathcore band that doesn’t like being classified as deathcore! 4:40.



3 straight minutes of grinding- THAT is how you end a great black metal album. And let’s be honest, they might as well have called it quits after this album anyway. At least they would have gone out in style. Battery begins at 7:06.


Ted Nü-Djent

I’ve been telling all and sundry about how great Enforcer‘s From Beyond has been since it came out, but the jewel in the crown of this magnificent bastard is the album closer “Mask of Red Death.” The riff starts at 1:30 and leads into a very Maidenesque riff at 2:00. The original riff returns at around 4:25. This continues to close out the song. A great ending to a great album.



This here song ends with a climax that blows the roof off the House of Feels. Bonus: It just might be the best song I’ve heard in 2015 (it’s older than that, I know, but I’m on Martian time). With any album closer you’d have to listen to most if not all of the song to get the full effect, so… if you feel inclined to do so, have at it. 8:03 —–> End.



Sure that someone would submit “The Call Of Ktulu”, I’ll go with a slightly less obvious choice. There’re closers I like better, but I’m sure we can all reach a consensus that this rips, especially the haunting piano coda (Dante’s Inferno should also get a run).



On their second album, Intronaut end on a sixteen minute, five part epic, titled “The Reptilian Brain (Sleep, Eat, Shit, Fight, Fuck)”. After a proggy build-up, the riffage is unleashed @10:00


Sgt. Shock

While melodeath may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s always commendable to see a band like Be’lakor who consistently dishes out metric tons of good-quality riffs. But this one… oh man. This riff makes the album. It builds and serves up a monumental conclusion. It tells the listener that this is gonna be a hell of a final ride. And after he dust settles, it makes you want to put the whole thing on repeat and listen again. That’s what a closer track should always aim to do. Start at 7:20. The riff begins at 7:37 and goes till end.



I need the Darkest Hour fans of the Toilet to man up, put on your Ring of Shame +1, and help me out here. “Tranquil” starts with the killer Swedish melodeath that we’re used to from the band and smoothly transitions into an outro of absolute beauty. Those last couple minutes offer a great sense of cool-down… And if you have the album on loop [God, why. — Masterlord], it leads right back to the beginning of the first song! 4:15.


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