Flush It Friday: The Ivory Tower

College graduates

As Twitter continues to swell in its red giant era, it seems many are saving the most outrageous takes for last. I need hardly mention the hip-hop superstar whose own supernova is quickly turning from hot and bright into little more than noxious gas, but there are other offenders, namely those claiming most people DGAF about music or that racism can be a symptom of mental illness (since deleted!). So many of these ideas seem like the ridiculous ramblings of people surrounded by yes-men and/or cooped up in the ivory tower, especially given how easily disproven they are.

It’s ironic that many mudslingers in the Twitterverse are the same who accuse academia of being “elitist” and “stuck in a bubble.” Maybe everyone’s just stuck in a bubble these days—it’s fair to debate whether colleges or Twitter are worse echo chambers, but the same could be said for many institutions in 2022. Increasingly, The Discourse™ feels like medieval Bologna, with everyone scrambling to erect their own silly tower rather than bring them all down.

What do you think? Is academia worse than the “vox populi”? Is the Toilet ov Hell a bubble? At least it’s comfortable here if so. Let’s see what happened in the Bowl this week!

Spear caught us up after a Turkey Day hangover:

Weekly Releases (11/30/22)

Occulse convulsed and repulsed our readers via a subterranean journey with Roldy:

Track Premiere: Occulsed – “Resiled Necromniscience“

And the Toilet Radio Boiz watched a movie about an evil bong:

Movies from Green Hell 2 – Evil Bong Blazes Again

Hit us with them G/B/Us below!

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