Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.22 Feel Like Ass


Still sick but we’re pushing on to talk new music from Russian Circles, Falls Of Rauros, Ossuary, Lunar Shadow, Harsh Realm, and Dan Rochester, along with things you should definitely not do with your albums, the Jeff Goldblum fly trap, doing pro-bono work for Bandcamp, Kreator + bagpipes, copping jank records from online stores, Comedy Central circa-1998 & Assy McGee, listening to music post-perma-stoned adolescence, and we put the call out for a Larry David soundboard.

If hearing a sick person’s voice upsets you make sure you go back and listen to last week’s John Wick death extravaganza where I was also sick. For now though, you can scroll down and hear today’s episode which we definitely didn’t record last Sunday before you all had a public holiday.

New Music Featured This Week:
Falls Of Rauros – ‘New Inertia’ from Patterns In Mythology (out July 19th @ Gilead Media)
Ossuary – ‘Supreme Degradation’ from Supreme Degradation (out now)
Lunar Shadow – ‘Hawk Of The Hills’ from The Smokeless Fire (out June 14th)
Harsh Realm – ‘Void’ from Beyond Torment (out June 7th @ Hand Of Death)
Russian Circles – ‘Arluck’ from Blood Year (out August 2nd @ Sargeant House)
Dan Rochester – ‘Nightfall’ (out October 18th)

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