Sunday Sesh: Show Us Your Shirts


In a world awash in a sea of mediocre prints and poor fits, one Toileteer will rise to shine a light on the darkness of bad band merch.

Are you the kind of metalhead who lacks social awareness/has never seen an episode of Queer Eye and therefore goes about his or her daily life perpetually bedecked by a black tee? Do you open your closet with pride to a leering collection of skulls and goats and pentagrams but nary a button-up to be found? Have you recently purchased a badass band shirt you wanna show off? This post is for you.


I got rid of the vast majority of my band shirts before moving to Carolina last year. Most no longer fit well, but I also just didn’t have much occasion to wear t-shirts aside from going to shows or working out, so a trimmer collection suited my clothing needs much better. Recently, however, there’s been an interesting trend in band tees featuring giant monsters, so I just had to get in at the ground floor. This month, I purchased not one, but two new band shirts, the first tees I’ve bought since nabbing one of those killer dead astronaut shirts from Winds of Leng.

The first features the killer design of Oxygen Destroyer‘s Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death. We’re big fans of the black ripping thrash on OD’s latest, and I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have such a violent black-and-white depiction of kaiju-on-kaiju action adorning my torso. You can pick it up here.

I also recently copped one of the brand new Shin Godzilla Full of Hell tees from Holy Mountain Printing. Holy Mountain, a printing shop just a bit east of me in Raleigh, has been churning out killer shirts and other merch for all manner of nerd and nerd-adjacent interests for a while now; see their selections of Twin Peaks (the show, not the booby eatery) and black metal coffee mugs for proof of their bona fides. Weird Japanese nationalism vibes aside, Shin Godzilla is one of the best kaiju films in years, and the titular titan’s ugly-ass mug makes one killer icon for a band shirt, even if I wouldn’t have imagined Full of Hell as its first pairing. You can pick one up here.

Both shirts are printed on Gildan heavy, which is… less than ideal, but given the fact that a) it would be silly to worry about the perfect fit while wearing a shirt with Godzilla on it, and b) most of the people who’d see me in these shirts somehow think removing the sleeves makes them look tough rather than locked in the throes of a midlife crisis, it’ll be alright. For my next purchase, perhaps I’ll add another Oxygen Destroyer shirt to the wardrobe. OD announced that we should be graced by a giant moth deity (courtesy of Karl Dahmer) sometime next month.

So what band tees have you been purchasing, fam? Show me in the comments.

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