Flush it Friday: 2 Goth 4 U


It’s Flush it Friday. Kick off your boots and then put them back on again immediately because I don’t wanna see your disgusting fucking feet.

Yesterday I published a dumb piece making fun of David Vincent’s dumb hat because it looks dumb. My low effort shitpost caused multiple people to reach out with great agitation that I neglected to mention Fields of the Nephilim, a band that perhaps originated the wicked carny look that DV is currently copping. There’s a great reason for that: I had never heard of this band in my life.

According to Wikipedia, Fields of the Nephilim was a band formed in the early 80s in some grey part of England that I’ve also never heard of. They played gothic hard rock and dressed like brooding Bloodborne characters, including tactical leather dusters that were actually dusted with flour. The vocals are more aggressive than their weepy UK 80s goth cohorts. I am not now, nor have I ever been goth or even goth adjacent so this is all news to me. My estimation is that the band sounds Pretty Decent. This has been a public service announcement for 80s rock bands that I was supposed to know about but didn’t. Now to the highlights of the week.

That OTHER podcast has a new episode up. Amateurs.

The Appendix Podcast: Episode 3 – Sorry Ičëłånð

We got to talk with those Tasmanian devils in Psycroptic.

From the Isle of Disenchantment: An Interview with Psycroptic

Ben’s continuing his series of readying spooky weeb shit.

The Great TOH Junji Ito Read-Off: Fragments of Horror

Breno met Wintersun and (mostly) kept it in his pants.

Toilet Radio 146: The Toilet Meets Wintersun

Karhu is taking us through the forgotten, eyeliner’d history of Finland.

This Is Your Chance To Get It On With An Unsung Post-Punk Cult-Classic

Big Gulps, huh? WELP, see ya later.

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