Ovid’s Withering: Really Into Video Games


Tampa symphonic metal cats, Ovid’s Withering dropped a killer album late last year with Scryers of the Ibis. It seems they were dissatisfied with the lack of sweet Sega Genesis noises on the record because they’re releasing a 16-bit re-imagining of Scryers of the Ibis titled Scryers of the Ibits.

It’s no secret how we feel about video games at the Toilet ov Hell. We like them. A lot. It seems that the dudes in Ovid’s Withering may have played a picked up a controller or two as well. In addition to their 16-bit record, you can jam on their excellent Legend of Zelda medley.

They also have this Diablo II inspired shirt design that I may have to definitely cop.

Ovid's Withering Diablo

Listen to all of their jams and preorder Scryers of the Ibits here. The preorder package is completely bananas (it includes a sculpture!). Give your money to these dudes instead of EA.


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