Flush It Friday: What’s In A Name


You might still be cruising on that between-the-years energy and not even looking for new metal releases right now. You might be busy as heck getting back into that grind and just don’t have the time. Or maybe you’re already chomping at the bit for new material to cram into your bottomless, ever-unsatisfied earholes. If that is the case, I’ve got good news for you: metal in 2023 seems determined to remain fucking stupid, as evidenced by the names of the bands who released things this week.

These are all more or less terrible. Well done. To be fair, not everybody can have that early bird benefit that allows you to snag something like Obituary, but damn. Oh, speaking of OSDM, Transcending Obscurity released some pretty nice OH FUCK IT’S ROGGA AGAIN GOD DAMN IT.

Maybe we’d better turn our attention to stuff you should NOT have missed this week.

Joe may still not have listened to Chat Pile, but you betcha he’ll make time for our pals Extinction:

Premiere: Extinction – Ravenous Technology (🔥Vektor Diss🔥)

Beavis kept the PR machine rolling with another premiere:

Video Premiere: Dead Will Walk – “Day of Dawning”

The Bois agreed that metal memes suck, as does every “Best Metal of 2022” list:

Toilet Radio 412 – Metal Isn’t Funny

These albums were not good enough for our year-end lists and should feel bad:

Mini Reviews from Around the Bowl (1/12/23)

And you? Still catching up on stuff you missed last year? Already compiling AOTY lists neatly arranged by genre? What’s been going on, Good, Bad, Ugly, or otherwise? Let us know in the comments.

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