Scott Kelly and Bruce Lamont Want To Play Your Synagogue



Late last week, Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Scott Kelly posted on his Facebook page that both he and fellow Corrections House member Bruce Lamont will be hitting the Northeast for a few shows. Rather than playing the usual bars and small clubs, the two are looking for “alternative” places to play. How alternative? How about art galleries? Not alternative enough for you? How about tattoo shops? Still not good enough for you and your forehead piercing Sanskrit neck tattoo that also looks like a dripping feather? How about a synagogue? I’ll let Kelly explain:


Just think: you can be davening with your Bubbie and Zadie and then rocking out to the low tones of Kelly and Lamont. Maybe they’ll even want to join your for a little shabbat challah and wine. Even if you’re not a member of the tribe, you can still hit up that email with your ideas. Maybe there’s a cool food co-op you go to or a book store. Maybe you know someone with a lot of farm land and a generator.

Why would you want to help these two guys out?

Because Neurosis is awesome.

Because Yakuza is awesome (and long overdue for a US tour)


Because Corrections House is awesome.

Because Bloodiest is awesome.

And so on and so on and so on. Also because it’s good to do mitzvahs and help people out. Got a place that would be a good fit? Send a message over to and make it happen. You’ll be sure to get a big present for Hannukah.


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