Toilet Radio 271 – May the Devil Take You w/ Adzes


On this, the final non-Patreon episode of the Halloween Spooktacular, I’m joined by Will Jameson (ex-Redbait, current Barren Branches, Wretched Empires) and Forest Bohrer of Adzes to talk about the pair’s extremely dope Tom Petty cover. Oh and we’re talking an extremely dank 2018 Indonesian horror movie called May the Devil Take You. If you’d like to get caught up before joining us, the movie is streaming on Netflix. For the rest of you, tune in and hear us talk about a full-on Sam Raimi-worshipping, blood-vomiting, fingernail-ripping, jump scaring, rooting AND tooting horror film. We’re talking about the rules of making a deal with the devil, when to get out the dang house, and what we think Chekov’s Gun is. Bonus: If you dig this movie, the sequel is out THIS WEEK.

Music featured on this ‘sode:

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