Gods Of Fire – Swamp Colossus: A Video Breakdown


Does he know Swamp Thing?

Some of you may not be familiar with New York City’s Gods Of Fire, but I know them. They are probably the first and only heavy metal band to create an entire album about Hanukkah. In a genre that has an oddly large amount of Christmas songs and albums, it’s nice to see the Chosen People get a little holiday metal love. The boychiks are back with a new album and a song dedicated to Burnt Fly Bog, one of the first superfunds site in the United States. Let’s break down their new music video and see just how much radioactivity has seeped into our brains.



Black Fly, Burnt Fly. Same thing.


*Surprised Pikachu Face*


Even worse, that garbage bag is filled with Yngwie Malmsteen’s soiled frilly shirts.


Millennials reacting to Rage Against The Machine and My Chemical Romance reuniting in the same week.


Way more entertaining than seeing Dream Theater live.


The original monster from Cloverfield looks very different from the finished product.


Me trying bubble tea for the first time.


Expectation vs Reality when people say they’re coming to your show.


“Sick set. What kinda peddles ya got, bro?”


Gods Of Fire’s album The New Flesh is available now.

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