I Sense Darkness in Your Future, Pt. I: Death Fortress


Here at the Toilet ov Hell, we are hard at work to make sure you’re spending your time on something more valuable than the newest line of sportswear or the latest in 6-year-old children covering popular Disney hits. It can be hard to keep up with the relentless slew of metal releases, particularly when it comes to a genre as bloated as black metal. Gleaning the worthy from the unworthy can take some digging. Luckily for you, your Master and Lord currently wields both the Mighty Shovel of Unemployment and the Pale of Internet Metal Nerddom, and is willing to assist you! “I Sense Darkness in Your Future” is how I’ll share the foul and unholy nuggets which I have unearthed in your service – upcoming black metal with serious potential. 

Death Fortress – Among the Ranks of the UnconquerableATROTU

Today is about the upcoming full-length debut from Death Fortress, and judging by the two songs available for streaming, this is something that I could get into. Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable is rather different from their previous work, being noticeably more polished than the raw attacks of the Pulling Ancient Stone demo and “From the Immortal Thrones” (both of which are available for free download, by the way):

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Typically I prefer the crude and unpolished approach to black metal, but this actually sounds pretty good. “King’s Blood” opens with a gloomy isolated guitar, which is eventually joined by another. the drums kick in and the inevitable trem-orgy, which lasts for the songs duration, begins as expected. At over six minutes, that’s no small amount of tremolo, but it builds a nice, dark atmosphere and there’s enough variety in the drums to hold your attention. “Arrogant Force” takes an angle as discordant and aggressive as its title suggests. I like that angle. There’s a mean riff near the end that will make you want to fucking conquer before a solid transition/drum fill ushers in the final blackened blast. Stream these tunes below and keep an eye out for Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable, set for release on September 1st through Fallen Empire Records.


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