Toilet Radio 275 – The Doro Interview


Folks, we’ve got a very different show for you today. Our resident old school scholar Ian stepped in to interview the Queen of Heavy Metal, Doro Pesch! We’re keeping it brief – all killer, no filler. Ian and Doro discuss playing drive-in shows and headbanging cars, uptight 80s parents, recording with Warlock vs recording albums now, and… wait for it… Dungeons and Dragons. It is a genuine joy to hear Doro’s incredible energy as she shares her tales from a lifetime in heavy metal. Big ol thank you’s to Ian and Doro for putting this one together. It’s a good one. You can get Doro’s latest record, Forever Warriors, Warriors United over at Nuclear Blast.

On November 13th, 2020, Doro released her long-awaited best-of album Magic Diamonds – Best Of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures through her own label Rare Diamonds Productions. Featuring 56 songs on three CDs, the album features an all-around impressive showcase that spans four decades of Doro music, and with 20 rock songs, 18 ballads, and 18 rare treasures, and more. Get it now!

Music featured on this show:
DoroFall for Me Again

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