Memorrhage S/T Addendum: Memorrhage/ Cocojoey – “Knurl (COCOJOEY’s really proud of this one aka hyper-nucore bounce mix v.2)”


A remix of one of the highlights from Memorrhage‘s colossal debut self-titled record from June, Knurl (COCOJOEY’s really proud of this one aka hyper-nucore bounce mix v.2) comes courtesy of Cocojoey, a producer who’s most recently worked as a featured mixer on Trust Fund Ozu‘s remix EP re:Tribute Summon. 

An interesting choice for a remix, the original “Knurl” starts with a distinctly hardcore bent, a looming beatdown riff creeping into your speaker like the sinister holy-terror sounds of a Ringworm track. This is contrasted by the bubbling distortion enveloping the vocals just past the two-minute mark, which bring to mind the sort of disparate, disquieting panned vocals that you’d hear in a Spineshank or Mushroomhead record. Cocojoey’s remix retains and emphasises the harsh, staccato edges of the original while highlighting its latent melodic sensibilities and pairing it alongside hard beats.

It’s a remix that highlights both the shared DNA of nu metal and hyperpop, and untapped potential of genre collaboration—both genres that simultaneously exemplify youthful, edgy energy, while regularly feature stark, earnest—often uncomfortable—emotive delivery. It’s a shorter walk from Death Insurance to Shovel or Slipknot than you’d expect. Cocojoey reworks the muted, chugging riffs of the original track into distorted, syncopated beats that embrace both the maximalism of hyperpop and the rhythmtic, hardcore hip hop influence of nu metal in equal measure. A solid mix from one of record’s strongest tracks.

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