Mother Feather – Mother Feather: A Video Breakdown


Tell your children not to walk my way.

Retro rock is upon us, ladies and gentlemen, and metal labels are trying to cash in. I thought that maybe it was just Earache pissing all over the heavy metal toilet seat, but other labels are getting in on the action as well. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the sound, but for every catchy Audrey Horne on Napalm Records, there’s a Gentlemans Pistols (Nuclear Blast) or a 77 (Century Media) waiting in the wings.

Metal Blade is trying something a little different, though. Instead of the dad rock scene, MB is hitching their wagon to the artsy popsy rock deal with the recent signing of New York City’s Mother Feather. While it’s certainly strange to see a band like Mother Feather on the same label as a band like Cattle Decapitation, it’s important to remember that the freaking Goo Goo Dolls once called Metal Blade home as well. Labels are a business, so you know it’s all about the the mon-eyyyy. Will Brian from Metal Blade be parking a solid gold yacht outside of Maryland Death Fest this year?

0:03: No. No he will not
0:06: She’s got the sugar shakes. No more Cinnamon Toast Crunch for you!
0:07: I know he’s passed on, but I’d like to believe that tassled arm belongs to the Ultimate Warrior.
0:11: I think we’re about to see the Mother’s feathers if you know what I mean. You do? Good, ‘cause I don’t.
0:12: My face at this very moment.
0:17 So Brian Slagel owes them a favor or something, right?
0:24: “Sure guys, you can use my space for your video. Just be done by 8 so the guy who farts out paint onto canvasses has room to work.”
0:27: Hahahahahahahahahahaha
0:32: It’s like someone took The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and put them in KISS makeup.
0:41: Oh, no. The other one has a mic. This is turning into a group assault.
0:46: Boom-chock chikkity? Did I really hear that or am I stroking out?
0:50: I don’t smell burnt toast or burning hair, so I think I’m good.
0:52: Dee Snider as fuck.
0:56: I always wondered whatever happened to Marcy from Peanuts.
1:01: Ronald Mcdonald’s girl is all glammed up and ready to go.
1:04: I said to lay off the CTC, lady!
1:07: You got a little something… ehhh, never mind. You’re fine.
1:13: I’m a gentleman, so I won’t say anything other than “Those are some tight pants.”
1:19: Why does the bassist get to wear a shirt made out of fur?
1:27: The drummer has the right idea by covering his face with his hair.
1:35: So does anyone know what a “mother feather” is exactly?
1:43: Man, I don’t know about this remake of The Crow.
1:49: I will give the one in the blue pants credit for all the stretchy moves. You’ll never see the singer from Texas Hippie Coalition doing those lunges.
1:56: A subliminal message telling us to support Japan.
2:05: They should’ve stuck with the boom-chock chikkities.
2:10: He really went all-out with the makeup.
2:16: “When I bang this tambourine, I want this pit to open the fuck up!!!”
2:24: Jeez, how many cows had to die for Mother Feather to be clothed?
2:27: It’s about to get boom-chock chikkity up in here. Send the kids out of the room.
2:32: They still haven’t used the megaphone. I’m scared.
2:40: Mother Feather: Now with more twitching than the nurses from Silent Hill.
2:48: My face at this very moment.
2:53: You’re just going to let her spit on you, Blue Pants?
3:00: Blue Pants from NXT wouldn’t have let that go.
3:05: “I will be a mother feather”. Ooooooh, it all makes sense now.
3:15: Is their guitarist the illegitimate child of Tom Waits?
3:24: Being a mother feather is very moist work.
3:32: That megaphone isn’t coming into play at all, is it?
3:40: Again with the spitting. She must be phlegmy from all that Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
3:46: I hope this means more Metal Blade bands will start using tambourines. I’m looking at you, Goatwhore.

Mother Feather’s self-titled album will be out some time in 2016 via Metal Blade Records.

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