Mudfuck – Comebacc: A Video Breakdown


Don’t call it a Comebacc.

Who are Mudfuck? I’ll let them explain.



To quote Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, “Uh…well, there it is.”




Ahh, the joys of going to public school.


Post-Apocalyptic Burger King looks nice.


I think the video just became self-aware.


More like the Devil’s unwashed Romaine.


I appreciate the band’s commitment to making this look like an awkward 8th grade dance.


Is that red fondant wrapped around his neck? Looks delicious.



Nice to see his date to the dance finally showed up.


That trench coat was originally mom’s “oriental” rug that she bought at Sears.


You can find more Mudfuck on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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