News Roundup: Leftöver Crack, Lamb of God, Borknagar And More!


Sometimes your news gets all over the damn place and you need someone to round it all up for you. You’re welcome, by the way.

Oh day of joy, you can listen to hardcore-punk (with the occasional ska and stuff) Leftöver Crack’s upcoming full-length in full, right here. Because either Soundcloud is being an ass, or this is an exclusive stream, I’ll link their older album below. Where’s the new one then? Well click the damn link, I tell you!


Unfortunately Amputory, responsible for one of the best death metal debut albums of the year (I talked here), is looking for a new vocalist. While the band doesn’t seem to have made an official statement on their FB page, or anywhere else, I found this post on a forum, where the band states their intent. So if you are available and, uh… live a little closer to Finland than Texas, go for it (I’m looking at you, Tapir, time to stretch those vocal chords). Below you can jam a song off of their 2010 demo, then you can read that thing about them and jam their debut LP there.


  • A band called The Man-Eating Tree released a pretty good album this year. I mini-reviewed it even. Unfortunately their guitarist since 2011, Antti Karhu (unrelated) and founding bassist Mikko Uusimaa have decided to step down, due to personal life commitments/scheduling problems. However, the band is already working on new material. If you haven’t checked them out yet, do it.
  • Randy Blythe wrote a marathon poem to let you know he doesn’t give a fuck what you think about him. Apparently it has something to do with the band first going lengths to tell people how you can’t give in to the fear and such things in these times of terrorism, practically calling out bands who canceled their Euro-shows (apparently at Wembley, I don’t know, didn’t check), then canceling their euro-shows. If that ain’t jackassery,  I don’t know what is. But maybe I got it all wrong, maybe you want to find out the truth yourself; step inside Blythe’s mind here and… do your thing. (I’m just going to say European bands haven’t been canceling their shows half as much as the American ones, and these have happened in Europe, y’know.)
  • Phil Anselmo has started a new death metal project Metraton Nganga in the vein of Immolation/Incantation with Joey Gonzalez. Read more here. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for his black metal project Scour to release some material.
  • Entombed A.D is going to release a new album, Dead Dawn, in February.
  • Dave Lombardo’s got a new band, Dead Cross. “It’s just straightforward brutal punk — metal-esque, but it’s definitely not metal.”
  • In Mourning is recording their fourth album.
  • Borknagar has a new song out.

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