Poser Holocaust Confirmed: Frost and Fire Fest 2 Lineup Announced



Many years have we waged battle against the false. Together we have celebrated glorious victories. As one, we have revelled in the almighty power of true heavy metal. We have offered our prayers side by side, basking in the light of the most true.

We have also suffered grievous loss. The false wage a shrewd and unpredictable war; they forge new genres, hairstyles, and ear gauges designed to lead astray those once untouched by the war of heavy metal. Despite our endless crusade to end the blight of false metal, it continues to churn as if a maelstrom of unpardonable 8-string abominations.

For too long we have operated in small bands across the world. Despite many a valiant hero, our numbers are spread too thin to conduct an effective strategy against the hordes of untrue. Too many of our own have fallen to heretical teachings. Some even believe now that “music is subjective.” I resent that we live in such rancorous times where our own brothers turn against us.

I do not come today to cast a burden of woe upon your shoulders, my friends. I come today as a missionary of hope. Behold, the gods of true heavy metal have seen our bitter war, and have answered us with resplendent salvation.

Aspire to greatness, warriors! Gaze upon the lineup for the 2nd Frost and Fire Fest.

Frost And Fire Fest 2016

Frost And Fire Fest 2016

Your eyes do not deceive you! The mighty lords of Cirith Ungol have heeded the call! On the weekend of October 8th, 2016, they return to us! Many mighty bands have answered the call, and the mighty bellow of true heavy metal is sure to vigorously resound for many ages to come!

My brothers, our time has come to stand together as one legion. Let us bring chaos to the minds of those who stand before us. Let us feast upon the fear in the minds of the weak. Let us extol our heroes, both living and fallen, in true metal communion. Among the myriad reasons to carouse with one another, let us celebrate the name day of both myself and Masterlord Steeldragon! Never has a day been so true!

Come! Let us sound the rallying cry of our progenitors! Let no true voice be unheard!

For those of you who wish to join in the revelry, or who wish to challenge Randall Thor in man to (wo)man combat, tickets are SUPER cheap considering the lineup and available here. These sold out with only two months notice last year, so act fast if you’re on the fence.

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