Premiere: Nox Irae – ‘Phantom Parasite Trauma’


Today we’ve got some thrashing death metal from Nox Irae, a new French group borne of members from the legendary Cthulhian band Catacomb and the more recent act Affliction Gate.

Before we rip open this brand new box of goodies, I’m gonna give you full disclosure—this post was originally planned to be taken care of by someone else on our staff. Sure, I’d agreed to it without having heard a note based solely on the fact that the blurb mentioned one of my favourite death metal obscurities (Catacomb) and that literally everything Transcending Obscurity put out these days is fucken fire. However, the typical amount of free-time I’m able to afford for writing on any given day is almost as insignificant as the import this information has on your enjoyment of this absolute belter of a track. In fact, the only reason it’s being mentioned is that it took me all of 0.34 seconds to realize agreeing to cover this was one of the very few good decisions made on my behalf this month. year. epoch.

Within moments of the first track from their first album, Nox Irae make their mission statement immediately clear; “Phantom Parasite Trauma” crashes through your tympanic membrane with a searing solo that’d be right at home on a Scythian shredfest, and while things settle down into more of a pounding death metal tone (à la Asphyx) from then on, the reverberations never cease throughout the remainder of the track. If you wanted to make an impression for your first foray as a new act, you couldn’t really be any more blunt in displaying your intent.

Pre-order Nox Irae’s debut EP from Transcending Obscurity (releases Nov. 15th)
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Track listing –

1. Phantom Parasite Trauma
2. All Is Over
3. Knife Under Throat
4. Cold Wind
5. Primordial Lie
6. Supposed Dead

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