Premiere: Den – Entire Mire


I sacrificed more than I had
And left my woes beneath the mire

You ever purchase a fruit or vegetable and stick it in the refrigerator for later use only to completely forget about it for weeks? The fridge starts to stink, but you do nothing about it. Then the kitchen itself takes on the faint odor of rotting produce. Finally, you can’t take it anymore. You search for the culprit until you find a rotting, mold covered mass of…something. Gone are the dreams of a nice meal, replaced only by a living fuzz that seems to grow with each passing second. Den’s new song “Entire Mire” is that pungent, fuzz-covered decaying lump.

Hailing from Chicago, the home of such doomy-noisey bands as Trouble, Yakuza, and Bongripper, Den bring a little bit of groove and a little bit of weird from the Windy City. The band’s upcoming album Iron Desert conjures up sounds reminiscent to Melvins, High On Fire, and Big Business. Loud vocals, fuzzed-out guitars, and driving drums are the name of the game and we’re happy to premiere their newest song Entire Mire.

About the track, the band says

By and for the saucer-eyed enthusiast, Entire Mire is the fractal plunge & rumbling buzz that accompanies your internal monologue when too many tabs turns into too far gone for too many days.  “How long has it been?  Is that my voice?  The lake must know.  And god dammit, where did Daddy Long Shapes run off to?  Fuck it.  Double or nothing on the Clearing bats.”  But none of that is relevant anymore.  Suddenly two words are all you need.  Don the moss wig, raise your machete & dance on the corpse of what used to be.  Ascend and say it to yourself, “Entire Mire.”

You got all that? Good. I’m glad someone got it. Perhaps listening to the band’s new song will reveal the answers that we are seeking.

Iron Desert will be out on November 22nd via Corpse Flower Records.

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