Track Premiere: The Minerva Conduct – “Unearth”


An Indian Atmospheric Progressive Metal supergroup? Where do I sign up???

The Minerva Conduct is a name you are most likely not familiar with just yet, simply because the band is gearing up to launch their debut album next month. Despite this, you might recognize their talents from the Indian underground metal scene: Demonic Resurrection, Gutslit and Albatross members are responsible for the melodic and compositional side of things, handling all guitars and bass of the instrumental tunes while one Navene Koperweis of Entheos (and ex-Animals as Leaders) lays down some truly sick session drums.

This last endorsement should be enough to catch your eye and let your brain know that you’re being presented with top quality material. Groove and technicality, my two favorite musical things ever, are the winning combination on today’s premiere track: “Unearth”. Ashwin Shriyan‘s stringy, pulsing bass is the perfect compliment to Prateek Rajagopal‘s pick-attack heavy guitars and Nishith Hegde‘s creamy leads. I haven’t been able to hear the full album yet, but if  tracks like “Unearth”, “Vile” or “Exultant” are anything to go buy, this album will tear you a new space-time paradigm and then let you chill out to heal. If the opening riff to this song doesn’t make your head bob, go to your nearest doctor because you most definitely have a problem.

The Minerva Conduct comes out this September 20th on Transcending Obscurity India; pre-order it digitally and/or on CD now on the band’s bandcamp, grab a cool shirt while you’re at it and then show the band some love on the book of faces. Tell them the Toilet sent you, they’ll (hopefully) know what it means.

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