TMP: Neckbeard Deathcamp, Spirit Adrift, Paul Masvidal, and More!


News bites are springing up from their winter slumber.

Those sneaky bastards in Mesarthim released a new one and are piloting that Bandcamp Vinyl program you may have heard about.

Abnormality is what you’d expect.

Spirit Adrift tour and new video/track.

Neckbeard Deathcamp still killing it with track names.

New Full of Hell.

  • Old guards Saint Vitus have new material.
  • New stoner doom from Earth.
  • New music from Memoriam.
  • Serpent of Gnosis (JfoC and TBDM [I’m not typing any more long band names]) have a new track.
  • Cynic’s Paul Masvidal is working on some EPs. First track here.
  • New Zombie Apocalypse for the first time in a decade and a half.
  • King Hobo is seriously the band name for Clutch and Ex-Opeth members. New track.
  • Hell yeah, O’Brother finally working on new stuff.
  • Sick Saor, Wayfarer tour.
  • More Varaha.
  • New Pinkish Black.
  • Old Static X guitarist who is a legally guilty creep is coming back to music.
  • Exmortus, Silver Talon, Cultural Warfare North American tour.
  • Dawn Ray’d, Dead To A Dying World west coast tour
  • Skinlab, Arrival of Autumn west coast tour.
  • Omar Higgins from Negro Terror died.
  • Hardcore from Glassing.
  • Norwegian death metal from Cadaver.
  • Oh dear god a 360 viewer for a live action video. This sucks. Brothers of Metal.
  • In Glenn Danzig news, he’s releasing an Elvis covers album and directing a western. All things normal people are doing.

And the rest:

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