Are you ready to start season two of Toilet Radio with this first episode of 2017? Well fuckin’ get ready. Strap yourself in for a wild ride as we cover every single worthwhile topic in a single hour. Highlights: We discuss Vektor losing 3/4 of the band, predict everything that will happen in the world of metal this year, discuss our failed 2016 resolutions and figure out new ones for 2017. We also plan out every great piece of content Toilet ov Hell will run over the next calendar year, talk about Steven Seagall‘s Asian Experience, learn about a nü-metal festival, attempt to book Orgy on the show, attend a ska show, and interview Bruce Lamont‘s saxophone because his owner was too cool to talk to us. It’s a good show!

Music Featured on this program:

Maltheist – “Oligarch” from Maltheist (Bandcamp)
Skuz – “Hateflower” from Endless Grief (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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