Megaherz – Einsam: A Video Breakdown


Ach du Lieber!

Megaherz are a German sort-of industrial metal band. I say sort-of because they’ve altered their style a few times since their formation in 1993. Somehow they went from this, which would fit in well on just about any Rammstein album to Dance Dance Deutsch Revolution to the video you’re about to watch. For whatever reason (I’m not going to look it up, do your own dirty work), the band wears clown makeup. Just wanted to warn anyone of you out there that suffers from Coulrophobia, doesn’t like Killer Klowns from Outer Space, or has a severe case of Lolbuttzitis.

0:04: Of course they’re on Napalm Records.
0:11: Hey, it’s the Queen of Diamonds!
0:17: Fascist-looking clowns are the worst type of clowns.
0:21: I like that he frosted his beard. That shows dedication.
0:28: How brown was my valley…
0:36: Tie purchased from that religious store in the corner of the mall you never visit.
0:42: That house must stink of mold and clown farts.
0:45: Nice to see sPaG from Mudvayne playing guitar now.
0:50: Horror movies would be a lot different if people just started singing melodically when wandering through spooky abandoned houses.
0:55: Reverse Racer X!
1:02: The polka dot drum kit somehow makes the band seem less ridiculous.
1:07: According to Google translate, the German word for “clown” is “clown”. That’s not helpful Google.
1:14: Stranger danger!
1:18: The bassist is really going to town on his instrument. I hope he bought it dinner first.
1:22: A lesson to all you German industrial clown putzes: Don’t leave your empty milk bottles on the floor.
1:35: She said Du Hast! I know what that means!
1:39: That’s the “I’m going to take you to Clown Town” look.
1:42: Clown Merol face!
1:48: What’s with the bat? Does this guy think he’s Sting?
1:54: Is that a ruler? Are you going to measure his schvantzstucker?
2:03: He is all about pointing.
2:07: Good thing they haven’t invented Smell-O-Vision for Youtube yet.
2:12: The crazy symbol? That’s just the pot calling the kettle a goofus in clown makeup.
2:25: This is just a reminder that once Suicide Squad comes out, there will be even more people dressing up like Joker and Harley Quinn for Halloween.
2:33: Any particular reason she’s not trying to open any windows or other doors?
2:39: A clown with a bat? I didn’t know the Red Sox were in this video.
2:48: Oh, now you’re scared.
2:52: Y’know, you wouldn’t need those night vision goggles if you didn’t…ah, forget it.
2:57: Huuuuuuuuuugggggssssss!
3:02: Scenes from Quarantine.
3:08: Peeping Bozo.
3:13: Now is as good a time as any to remind you of this George Carlin bit.
3:24: I’m going to call him Handsy The Bad-Touching Clown.
3:32: Lady, you have to choke-up on the bat before you smash his stupid face in.
3:38: Easy there, Lenny.
3:43: That’s one way of doing things.
3:47: Hmmm, I don’t know about this Ghostbusters remake.
3:58: See, kids? This is why you don’t smoke synthetic marijuana.
4:06: Sie sind besonder… nur wie jecter sonst.

Megaherz’s album Erdwärts is available now via Napalm Records.

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