We Got Toilet: The Gathering Cards


Our good buddy GrumpDumpus sent us custom Toilet ov Hell-themed Magic: The Gathering cards. Check these out, then make your own.

Patreon subscribers will recall hearing me, Breno, and 365 opening mysterious gifts on a recent bonus episode of Toilet Radio. As promised on that show, here are some of the sweet fruits contained within a mysterious package from Sweden.

TovH Power User® GrumpDumpus sent me this Legendary Artifact, the Toilet ov Hell featuring copy from the worst credits music ever used for a video game.

Brenocide got a Legendary Enchantment Creature in the form of Jari Mäenpää. Casting this card grants you breathtakingly high resolution desktop wallpapers.

365 got the most cursed card of all: A Withering DMU Comment. Simply cast this card and your opponent is forever deported back to the former Soviet bloc country he came from.

I was so tickled by these cards that I went out and found a Magic: The Gathering card generator that allows users to mock up pretty much any silly idea they dream up. Here’s my personal card:

Wanna make your own? Check it out here, then share your creations in the comments below.

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