Premiere: Martyred – “Shadows of Deception”


Death metal for the modern man

Do you, dear reader with immaculate taste, find yourself craving death metal but tiring of the OSDM craze? Yeah, me neither, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up from time to time. One can only digest so many cavernous riffs and bullfrog croaks before it all starts to blend together. Sometimes, you need something a little cleaner, something a little tighter and more slick as a palate cleanser.

For that, we have bands like Texas’s Martyred, who are here today with “Shadows of Deception,” the newest single from their forthcoming full-length release. Though the production is decidedly of a modern persuasion, with clean and crisp guitars and super punchy drums, the writing takes on a very old-school bent. It’s a no-frills pummeling immaculately executed, giving death metal fans the experience of being chased around by a gorilla with a hammer that we so desperately seek. The unpredictable pace and structure align well with the lyrics, with the song’s subject succumbing to their mental demons and leaving them a crazed husk. You know, relatable stuff. All joking aside, this song hits all the things I look for in death metal, and the full release is shaping up to be pretty nasty.

The Relegation releases on October 20th via Time To Kill Records. Preorders are available now on Bandcamp.

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