Premiere: Moray‘s Debut EP “Temporal Majesty”

Get blasphemous with five tracks of black metal from the land of Mormons. 

Come with me on a grim trek to the permafrost of Provo, Utah. Together, we will listen to Temporal Majesty, the debut EP from Moray, the finest black metal project from Joseph Smith’s old stomping grounds.

Temporal Majesty opens with “Aether”, my favorite of the five tracks on this EP. “Aether” jumps forth with a burst of energetic shredding that wouldn’t sound out of place on a modern prog record. Christian Degn Petersen’s bleak rasps offer a pean to the cosmos as his guitar pulses like gamma ray bursts. “Between the Sun and the Summit” alternates between frantic, blasting anger and wounded, raw melody. “Dagger” is a blistering fuck you. With absolutely insane tremelo riffs, this is the most straight forward black metal ripper to be found here. “Pale Wax” slowly reveals the sheets of melody that knot together to create a mass of anguish. Finally, “Telestial World” closes the EP with a barely audible spoken-word piece excoriating false prophets and apostles.

In just about 20 minutes, Temporal Majesty does more than most double LPs in the genre. This is a thrilling listen and an extremely promising start for Moray.

Purchase Temporal Majesty here, then give Moray a like on Facebook. Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming cassette release on Lion’s Jaw. In addition to the dank music, Christian also created Temporal Majesty‘s cover art (with the logo designed by friend of the site Stephen Wilson). Check out some of his designs here.

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