PREMIERE: STORMLAND – Incident Report UC-0791227


Hey you weeb-ass weebs, I have some good shit for you here. Trust me, as the appointed weeb representative of the Toilet.

Justin Pierrot, all around cool dude and the man behind Stormland has an upcoming EP dropping October 11, and the citizens of the bowl are lucky enough to get an exclusive stream. On top of this, North American residents can enter into a contest to get your own Gundam model to put together, and I will tell you how at the end of this article.

Incident Report tells the story of a post-combat incident report made during the One Year War in Gundam’s Universal Century timeline. The first three tracks constitute the main story, and the last two are “supplemental evidence,” including a cover of Matthew Wilder’s “Break my Stride.” Aside from Justin, the EP also features the talents of Jacob Frebe and Fallon Bowman as a Zeon pilot and The Commander, respectively.

Now, enough info-dumping. The music is great and if you want to delve into this story yourself, you can listen to the EP right here:

If that got you in the mood to build your own Gundam model, you have the opportunity to win this little feller:

All you have to do is 1: live in North America and 2: comment “Gun-DAMN I want that” and you’ll be entered into the drawing.

Incident Report drops October 11th and you have the option of buying the album on its own digitally, or getting a bundle with a model or a print-out “dossier” of the story while supplies last.

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