Kadavar – Die Baby Die: A Video Breakdown


Hit me baby one more time.

Does being ‘retro’ really mean anything anymore? Did it ever? You can just say “We dress like dads and feather our hair” and that’s just as good. Germany’s Kadavar are riding that retro train to Retro City and plan to retro… look, I ran out of ideas. The point I’m trying to make is that they have a sorta-kinda “70’s-ish, but not really” sound in the same way that Ghost has a 70’sish, but not really sound. Nothing wrong with that, just not for me. Plenty of people want to groove while thinking about gas shortages and disco. Let’s hit the Way-Back Machine and watch their new video.

0:03: Bllllaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!
0:08: Blll…bll…bllllllllaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhh!
0:12: Ugh. I think I got it all up.
0:17: Did they starch their drummer?
0:22: Retro Eye-Fucking Powers, activate!
0:28: The Beatles had ‘Lucy In The Sky’. We get ‘Kadavar In The Klouds’.
0:34: I was wrong! Bllllllllllaaarrgggghhh!
0:45: I didn’t know Dr. Teeth was in this band.
0:56: The layering is heavy with this one.
1:02: I’m getting a “I put something in your drink and now I just have to wait for it to take effect” vibe from the drummer.
1:15: Om nom nom nom.
1:21: Clearly taking inspiration from the “I’m crushing your head” guy from Kids In The Hall.
1:26: Retro rock band giving you that burning sensation? Try Tums. Or tough-actin’ Tinactin.
1:36: They flunked the acid tests.
1:44: Nice to see Windows 95 screensavers still being used.
1:53: He reminds me of a soberer Zakk Wylde.
2:02: There’s not enough happening on the screen.
2:07: I demand at least 10 more things happening.
2:15: This is what Jeff Sessions sees every time he closes his eyes.
2:20: Looks more like “DIL DIL BABY DIL”.
2:26: Maybe they’re going for that elusive pickle audience.
2:33: Are we sure this isn’t just a commercial for Burger King?
2:39: I mean, BK does love showing things being flame-grilled.
2:48: Retro grooves….IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!
2:56: The only thing missing from this video is some hot pants, “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific”, and syphilis.
3:07: “You kids wanna smoke some SPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAACCCCCEEEEEE dust?”
3:18: This is what happens when you drink the liquid inside a lava lamp.
3:26: Or eat at the sketchy Chinese buffet in the bad part of town.
3:37: This is the most believable thing happening in the entire video.
3:44: Someone get this drummer his own variety show.
3:55: I wonder what this baby did to deserve all this negative attention.
4:03: Maybe the baby put on a fest with 30 bands and made them all sell tickets.
4:12: Ladies and gentlemen, Kdvr!


Kadavar’s album Rough Times is out on September 29th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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