Riff Of The Week: Bump Edition



Last week we got flattened the fuck out with our Crushing Edition. Oceanic Italian band Nero Di Marte turned the tide, reversing the old adage that blood is thicker than water, using the sea’s pressure to squash the edges off the pointy-boys in Teitanblood.

This week our riffs are centered around the purposely ambiguous theme of BUMP.
Here’s what you sent in…

Gatecreeper – ‘Sonoran Depravation’ (Riff @ 0:00)

I thought this riff would never quit bouncing around in my skull. Then I heard it live and now…
I still hear this riff in my dreams.
Overrated? Maybe.
Forever Haunting? Maybe just to me.
Either way, this riff is the first to play from my own personal mixtape during nightmares.

Howard Dean
Murder Squad – “Sacrificial Strangulation, Beating And Rape” (Riff @ 0:00)

In days of yore, I would bump this groovy motherfucking death metal riff during every heavy leg day in the gym. It never failed to get me going. It’s one of those riffs of such fine quality and power that it can literally make or break moments in your life and get you over the next hurdle. Blast it, cowards!

Gross Misconduct – ‘A Place of Bones’ (Riff @0:18)

This album dropped beginning of November, and I’m still not over this riff. The start/stop groove, the tremolo blasts, the weird timing, have smashed this riff into my brain in a way that few riffs can. Also, it kind of sounds like driving along a bumpy road, so it fits that too?
Anyway, this is a massively underappreciated band and album, so once you’re done voting, go check out the rest of ‘Equinox’ in full; it slaps front to back.

Obliteration – ‘Eldritch Summoning’ (Riff @ 2:55)

Cenotaph Obscure is exactly what I needed to get over a period of general ambivalence to metal. The riffs in this absolute mongrel of a track definitely catalysed this renewed excitement.

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Next week is a free-for-all. Anyone can send in any riff.
However, our usual NO MAIDEN/NO SABBATH rules apply.
Submission details below.

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