Flush it Friday: Juneteenth on BC


At this point, you know the story: Bandcamp has been making Fridays a chance to give back to artists you know and love wholeheartedlyWITH EVERY DECAYING ATOM OF HYDROGEN IN YOUR ATROPHY-PRONE BODY. Juneteenth is a little different; it celebrates the 06/19/1865 reading in Texas declaring that all slaves in the state were free. To celebrate the anniversary, BC is waiving 100% of their proceeds in order to donate to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. If you’re wondering what to buy, maybe The Boiz can help?

Do not sequester yourself from our new friend, Emester (He writes about Nemesium and pizza):


365 took us on a wild ride atop late-stage capitalism:

Shirt Stains: Schlubodus

Hans and Bear thrashed our behinds:

Thrash Roundup w/ Hans & Bear

Toilet Radio talked about suffering and sucking down wriggly-boiz in the name of art:

Toilet Radio 250 – The Vile Creature Episode

What are you buying today? Gloat about it as you lay down the G/B/U!

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