Riff Of The Week: New Year Free-For-All


Riffs from Deicide, White Ward, Atavisma, and Cenotafio.

Before we get to today’s battle royale, lets take a look at what ended up being your favourite Riff ov 2019. WordPress seems to have cropped the poll results so I can’t read that first one, guess that means Suffering Hour won, huh? Don’t get shitty though, I would have awarded it to them anyway.

We went themeless for our first comp of 2020
Here’s what you sent in…

Atavisma – ‘Ashen Ascetic’  (Riff @ 4:20)

Been waiting for one of these free for alls for a while now ever since I was reminded of how the riff that comes in around 4:20 (blaze it?) makes me go fucking nuts.

Positronic Brain
Deicide – ‘Not of This Earth’ (Riff @ 1:40)

It’s a shame there’s so much personal douchebaggery in Deicide’s history, because they really do have some excellent albums. I find it a little hard to believe that Steve Asheim really wrote all the music on this one, because some of the harmonies in the riffs have such a melodic sensibility – corresponding with the addition of super-shredder Ralph Santolla (who I suspect ghost write some stuff, in case my insinuation wasn’t clear). Listen (with headphones) to this palm muted riff as it plays out over the course of the solo; it’s like two big spiders chasing each other down the trunk of a tree.

White Ward – “Love Exchange Failure” (Riff @ 8:42)

This riff has been stuck in my head for a week. I blame the saxophone coming in Kenny G’ing up the proceedings. It’s like Carly Rae Jepsen’s Cut to the Feeling, but sad and Ukrainian. Also the killer solo that comes in right after this is rad as hell. I’d probably like black metal more if it was this cool all the time.

Cenotafio – ‘Maleficae’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Mad slept on Chilean fire from mid-2019 full of blistering molten effluvial outbursts, atonal abrasion, reverby tones similar to those of Gloam and Predatory Light, juxtaposed with a dash of those hymnic Gregorian chants which Dead Congregation used to profound effect on GotA. Absolute fury.

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