Riff Of The Week: Skin Edition


Riffs from Carcass, Mortal Sin, Wildernessking, Endrot, Skinfather, and euth.

Before we flense ourselves here, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s Egypt Edition. Once again we saw a favourable social media share from a young band help them take out the comp with ease over some ancient faves. Not the first time we’ve said it’s a winning formula, congrats to Positronic and Xoth for doing the thing.

This week’s theme was Skin
Let’s see what you sent in…

Skinfather – ‘Drown in Black’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Dismember, but actually not. All hail tribute bands.

Wildernessking – ‘River’ (Riff @ 0:58)

I had no idea what to send this week, but my mobile kindly suggested to go with Wildernessking. What a clever apparatus.

Carcass – ‘Ruptured in Purulence’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Could only find the intro (combined with No Love lost) but just press play and bask in the buildup of drums, bass, then the riff. It’s Carcass. You know they’re singing about something nasty happening to skin. I believe ulcers, urticaria, and festering pus are mentioned. The dermis probbably ruptures at some point too.

Endrot – ‘Xenophobia’ (Riff @ 0:27)

Newfoundland and Labrador have two chief exports: Good dogs, and siqq riffs.

Mortal Sin – ‘Women In Leather’ (Riff @ 0:29)

Women (in leather), the Devil (possibly in leather), riff (most likely not in leather , have to admit), and leather(processed skin).

euth – ‘Caustic Skin’ (Riff @ 0:03)

Sorry ROTW is a day late everyone, I’ve been crook in bed for going on 3 days now. Putting this post together on my phone right now, less than ideal so excuse any fucked-up formatting. Here’s a riff from a band we covered wayy back on our very first Riff-Raff episode, the noise you’ll hear is what it currently sounds like in my brain. Enjoy.

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